The Mandela Effect

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released February 14, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Jordan McBride.
Additional songwriting on "Digital Scars" by Michael McAnelly
"Digital Scars" and "Atlas" feature additional vocals by Michael McAnelly

For inspiration/assistance/patience, I would like to additionally thank:

Quinton McBride, Alycia Best, Chad Flowers, Morgan Jennings, Jimmy Horn, Bianca Hazen, Blake Gerlock, Taylor Pankey, Nate Burgett, Ted Filla, Rebecca Bayless, and Heather Hammers.



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hibeams on Carbondale, Illinois

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Track Name: Digital Scars
I thought I saw you right behind me
but when I turned to look back you were gone.
Brother, you were always right beside me.
There's a hole in my heart where you belong.

What ever happened to postcards?
And Polaroids from way back when?
All we've got now are these digital scars
as mementos to the lives of fallen friends.

Even as ghost you give me so much.
You've kept me going through all these years.
And as I stand here on my own now
I can feel fresh tears.

I can't believe it's been so long
the fact that you, you never change
Though I'm here with everyone
I still miss you all the same

and I will not forget the Island
or the night that you almost lost your life.
Although you finally did, I won't call it tragic-
So it goes and so will I.
Track Name: Lou
I trust you when you say your faith has changed your life.
We were both broken, now you're much stronger than I.
I've never put the mirror before anyone else, but
I'm looking there to see more than just myself.

I'm glad that I'm the one that's always asking questions
but it's time that I start looking for an answer
I'm learning one day at a time that there is more to faith and love
Than the chorus and the chords to Tiny Dancer

"Blue jean baby" or hospital gown lady
I want you to know that this one's not for you
and it's hard I guess, and I'm still a mess
whenever I think of someone else calling you, "Lou"

When I think of you, I think I've got a lot to say.
It's funny how four years becomes four chords at the end of the day.
Yeah, from time to time, I still get the blues
but when I saw M. Ward take the stage that night, I knew I was over you.